Sunday, December 31, 2017

More about Counterchange

Gradation in background and subject.    This sketch shows my plan for the background to go from dark at the bottom to light at the top and for the buds and flowers to do the opposite.  In other words the negative space (background)  transitions from dark to light while the positive space or figure does the opposite.

This also brings up the subject of figure ground relationship.  I try to make each negative space interesting and a different size from the others.  Look at the variety of spaces the leaves on the right divide the background into.  The negative spaces need to be as interesting as the positive ones.

Explanation of terms
Positive space-(figure)-flowers, leaves, and buds in this composition
Negative space (ground) - background

I am not sure why we have so many terms to discuss the same concept but when we are talking about figure-ground relationship it is the same as positive-negative space, and they both mean the relationship with the subject and its background and how important it is for the subject to divide the background area into interesting and varied shapes.

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