Monday, January 1, 2018

Henry Rankin Poore discusses how to unify a composition that is composed of a single unit such as a figure by either connecting the figure to the sides of the picture by cropping so there isn’t an isolated figure floating in the frame or by tying the figure to the sides by the use of a line going in the opposite direction.  He used Modifliani’s Anna Zbrowska as an example of cropping and Renoir’s A Girl With A Watering Can as an example of using a line (the edge of the grass) to tie the figure to the edges.  I have used both devices in this painting.  The line of the wall and the edge of the jar connect to the top and bottom and the foliage touches the right and left sides.  Also the jar is cropped off at the bottom.

Impressionistic Peonies in a Vase.

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